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New Nuclear Capital: Markets and Financing for Advanced Nuclear Energy ​
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July 16-17, 2109 | The St. Regis Hotel | Washington DC
A Special Summit Focused on Markets and Financing Challenges, Opportunities & Capital Requirements for Advanced Nuclear Energy Under the auspices of The U.S. Nuclear Industry Council By Invitation and With Advance Registration Only
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  • Nuclear Energy Global Landscape


  • Why Advanced Nuclear is changing the Nuclear Energy Financing Paradigm

  • Market Makers: How Decarbonization, Electric Vehicles, Desalinization, and Electrification will drive demand

  • Electrification: Where Pricing is Going

  • Nexus with Hybrid Systems and Advanced Nuclear

  • Energy Financing Infrastructure

  • Public Capital
    • DOE Loan Program Office

    • EX-IM Bank

    • Overseas Private Investment Corporation 

    • World Bank


  • Private Capital

    • Debt and Equity 

    • How to Approach Capital Raising 

    • How Financial Markets See Risk

  • The New U.S. International Development Finance Corporation

  • Can Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Digitalization, and Advanced Manufacturing Transform Nuclear Energy

  • Emerging Opportunities for Micro-Reactors

  • Customers and Markets for Advanced Nuclear

  • Keynote: U.S. Department of Energy